Brexit Overview and Solutions from Thyme-IT

Key Dates & Events

The Withdrawal Agreement was approved by the UK Parliament and the EU during January 2020.
The UK left the EU on 31st January 2020.
The transition period started on 1st February and will end on 31st December 2020.
Customs declarations will start on 1st January 2021.

Post-Brexit Regulations

All Exports from Ireland to the UK will need the following:
  •   Export Declaration to Irish Customs.
  •   Import Declaration to UK Customs.

All Imports from UK to Ireland will require the following:
  •   Export Declaration to UK Customs.
  •   Import Declaration to Irish Customs.
  •   Entry Summary Declaration for each Truck.

Shipments to EU through UK will require the following:
  •   Transit Declaration to Irish Customs.

What do to now?

  •   Advice from Irish & UK governments is for companies to take action now to prepare for Brexit and No-Deal Brexit.
  •   Review your existing data and perform GAP Analysis to see what customs data is missing
  •   Engage with your software provider to review data requirements and data exchange options
  •   Consider applying for AEO before Brexit to reduce customs paperwork and delays at the border
  •   Sign up for free customs training at the new Clear Customs initiative

Thyme-IT can provide sophisticated C&E Solutions to assist with all customs requirements and to streamline tasks to improve efficiency. Some of the options are as follows:

  •   Data entry directly to Thyme-IT systems
  •   Interface from your existing systems to Thyme-IT to create and submit customs declarations automatically
  •   Declarations can be sent 1st to Irish Customs then to UK Customs
  •   Declarations can be sent 1st to UK Customs then to Irish Customs
  •   SAD data can be imported onto the Transit Declaration to avoid re-entry
  •   SAD data can be imported onto the Entry Summary Declaration to avoid re-entry


This is no obligation initial step to review your Customs & Excise requirements.