New Computerised Transit System (NCTS)

New Computerised Transit System

"The New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) is a European wide system, based upon electronic declaration and processing, designed to replace the existing, paper-based CT system and to provide better management and control of Community and Common Transit. It involves all EU Member States, the EFTA and V4 countries, and its use is also a condition of accession for those countries shortly to join the EU."

In March 2004, in collaboration with a number of freight transport companies, Thyme-IT designed, developed and successfully implemented sCargo, an application which specifically addresses the requirements of the New Computerised Transit System. Thyme-IT was the first company to be ROS (Revenue On-Line Service) web-service-complaint and also the first to produce a printed TAD (Transit Accompanying Document).


sCargo provides the necessary functionality to allow entry of information, via a number of simple web pages, and transmission / receipt of data for all Transit messages.

Entry screens cater for entry of IE15 (export), IE07 and IE44 (import) transactions. Information is validated at time of entry and prior to generation of transit messages to ensure that the data entered is correct.

  •   Entry of Export transit message
  •   Generation of an IE15 message
  •   Transmission of IE15 to the ROS application server for validation
  •   Receipt and upload of IE16 message if IE15 message is invalid
  •   Receipt and upload of IE28 message with assigned MRN
  •   Receipt and upload of IE29 message
  •   Printing of TAD and LoI
  •   Receipt and Upload of IE51 message
  •   Receipt and Upload of IE55 message

  •   Entry of Import transit message
  •   Generation of an IE07 message
  •   Receipt and upload of IE08 message if IE07 message is invalid
  •   Receipt and upload of IE43 message
  •   Entry of IE44 details
  •   Receipt and upload of IE58 message if IE44 message is invalid
  •   Receipt and upload of IE25
  •   Full Guarantee Management System functionality is included within the application.

To minimize entry of data and save you considerable time when entering both export and import transactions, sCargo provides the facility to record data relating to your company, representatives and guarantees. This information, common to all messages, is used when generating messages.

Data Search Screens, List Boxes and Text Search facilities are provided within sCargo, providing access to code-based information. This minimises the need for paper documentation or knowledge of codes and tables. This ensures that time required to enter transactions and validate data is kept to a minimum.

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