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Thyme-IT NCTS App

As Thyme-IT continues to review and enhance its product range in advance of Brexit, it has released the new Thyme-IT App on Android. The Thyme-IT App is a solution specifically designed for companies that move goods under a transit declaration and will allow companies to streamline customs & logistics tasks to improve efficiency.


The App may be used by the authorised consignee to submit Arrival Notification messages to Irish Revenue when goods arrive on a transit declaration at the authorised consignee’s premises.  


The Arrival Notifications may be sent directly from the truck or security gate reducing the delay before receiving Unloading Permissions.






About Thyme-IT 
Thyme-IT specialise in the development and implementation of mission-critical Customs & Excise solutions based on the latest web-based and handheld technology.  All Thyme-IT’s C&E solutions are compliant with Irish Revenue & HMRC requirements.


If you have any questions regarding the Thyme-IT App, Brexit or would like more information on the Thyme-IT Customs & Excise solutions, please contact Steve Breen or the Thyme-IT C&E team at  01 206 0010 or at the email address below.

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