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Thyme-IT live with CDS

From 31 October 2021, CDS will replace CHIEF for all Rest of World imports into Northern Ireland.

The Thyme-IT system has been updated to support GB EXS and GB EXS declarations have been submitted and processed sucessfully since 1st October 2021.



Please see the following update from HMRC:








CHIEF closing for Northern Ireland


The use of CHIEF to submit import declarations for goods brought into Northern Ireland from outside the UK and EU is being phased out.  From 31 October 2021, the Customs Declaration Service will replace CHIEF for these movements.


The Thyme-IT CDS solution is ready and we have customers engaging with the HMRC CDS Trader Dress Rehearsal service (TDR)


If you have UK or Rest of World imports into Northern Ireland and need a CDS solution from 31st October then please contact Steve Breen or the Thyme-IT C&E team at  01 206 0010 or at the email address below.



When is CHIEF closing completely?


HMRC will be closing the CHIEF system completely on 31 March 2023. From this date, all businesses in the UK will need to declare goods through the Customs Declaration Service (CDS).


Ahead of the 31 March 2023 complete closure, services on CHIEF will be withdrawn in two stages:

  • 30 September 2022: import declarations close on CHIEF
  • 31 March 2023: export declarations close on CHIEF / National Exports System (NES)


About Thyme-IT 
Thyme-IT specialise in the development and implementation of mission-critical Customs & Excise solutions based on the latest web-based and handheld technology.  All Thyme-IT’s C&E solutions are compliant with Irish Revenue & HMRC requirements.


If you have any questions regarding AIS, AEP, CDS, CHIEF, EU ICS, GB S&S, ROI & UK SAD data exchange, Brexit or would like more information on the Thyme-IT Customs & Excise solutions, please contact Steve Breen or the Thyme-IT C&E team at  01 206 0010 or at the email address below.


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